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HEU held a promotion meeting for key activities of the 70th anniversary.

DATEMarch 11, 2023

On March 9th, HEU held the key activities promotion meeting in the conference room of the main building, in order to effectively promote the preparation and implementation of the key activities of the 70th anniversary of HEU.

Gao Wanxin, deputy secretary of the CPC HEU Committee attended the meeting. Secretary Gao pointed out that preparations for the 70th anniversary of HEU have attracted wide attention from teachers, students, alumni, and all walks of life since its launch. With the joint efforts of the whole university, the work of the celebration has been promoted vigorously, and certain progress has been made. The celebration is an annual key work of HEU. Through a series of activities to celebrate this events, HEU can review its history, summarize its experience, display its achievements, strengthen its original mission, and carry forward the spirit of its predecessor. Then, it can stimulate endogenous motivation, expand social influence, gather enterprising force, and plan development blueprint. It is hoped that the whole university will attach great importance to and actively participate in the implementation of the arrangement of the university, and take active actions with great efforts to jointly hold a harmonious, warm, wonderful, and unforgettable 70th anniversary celebration. Then, help HEU to achieve transformation and development and to a new level.

At the meeting, the leaders of the nine leading units, including the university anniversary celebration group, the publicity and exhibition group, the donation and alumni liaison group, the cultural activities group, the academic activities group, the international exchange group, the student activities group, the campus environment group, the security and service support group, and the university anniversary celebration work office, respectively reported the progress of the main tasks and the next steps.