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Tao Liqing, secretary-general of the Wuxi Alumni Association, and his delegation visited HEU and donated 100,000 yuan to the Alma mater foundation.

DATEMarch 18, 2023

 On March 9, Tao Liqing, general manager of Wuxi Kuangsheng Technology Co., LTD., Secretary general of HEU Wuxi Alumni Association and Ni Jiaoyun, senior consultant, visited HEU. On behalf of Wuxi Kuencheng Technology Co., LTD., Tao Liqing donated 100,000 yuan to HEU education development foundation on behalf of the company. After the donation signing ceremony, the two sides, including the members of College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering, conducted in-depth exchanges on the cooperation and promotion of university-enterprise personnel training, joint project incubation of industry-university-research, joint construction of practice base, and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Mr. Liu Zhihai, the dean, introduced the history and culture of the College of Physics and Optoelectronic Engineering in detail, as well as the characteristic and outstanding achievements achieved in the work of talent training, scientific research, discipline construction and academic team construction in recent years. Meng Ting, the deputy dean, expressed his sincere gratitude to the Wuxi Alumni Association for its great support in the recruitment and publicity work of HEU. He hoped that the two sides could make breakthroughs in the aspects of joint talent training, industry-university-research collaboration, and construction of practice bases in the future.

Tao Liqing, general manager of Wuxi Kuangsheng Technology Co., LTD., introduced the current talent and team, enterprise development, smart campus products, and other project implementations. Ni Jiaoyun, senior Consultant, introduced the advantages of Wuxi Airport Development Zone and the incentive measures in talent introduction, project incubation, and achievement transformation in Wuxi as the national talent source. It is hoped that the two sides can further cooperate in the integration of industry and education, training and practice, technology transfer, joint development of university and enterprises in the future.