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18 years of relentless exploration! Professor Zhang Aman established the bubble unified equation and unraveled the mysteries of bubble theory.

DATEApril 5, 2023

Recently, the large-scale high-pressure underwater bubble test conducted in China has achieved great success, and the bubble unified equation established by Professor Zhang Aman from College of Ship Engineering HEU, as the core theory of this experiment, has been once again verified.

In order to describe the basic laws of bubble dynamics in nature with a unified equation, Zhang Aman began his research from his graduate study and diligently explored 18 years, and finally he derived the unified equation of bubble dynamics. This concise and concentrated mathematical equation solves the theoretical prediction problem of bubble dynamics characteristics such as cavitation bubbles, underwater large-scale bubbles, micro nano bubbles, and other bubbles in different sources, scales, and environments.

The bubble unified equation describes the basic laws of bubble motion in nature in concise and condensed mathematical language. This theory unifies the mechanical behavior of bubbles in different sources, scales, and environments into graceful mathematical equations, and also unifies classic bubble theories such as Rayleigh Plesset, Gilmore, and Keller Miksis.

Through the theory, the dynamic behavior of bubbles can be predicted more accurately in theory. Moreover, it can serve as a mathematical equation to guide experiments and predict new physical phenomena. The bubble unified equation has played an important role in serving the national maritime power strategy, especially in the fields of underwater bubble mechanics, deep-sea exploration, and cross medium dynamics.

In nearly twenty years of scientific research career, Zhang Aman has interpreted the responsibility and devotion of a technology researcher with perseverance. Some people always think that Zhang Aman's scientific research work is heavy and laborious, but he said: “In fact, I never feel tired. I am fortunate to have grown up in this great era and have the opportunity to do things of great significance and of interest. China emphasizes the need to strengthen basic research, which is the main switch for technological innovation. I have always believed that obstacles and difficulties in scientific research can be overcome through hard work. In the future, based on my own position, I will further focus on cultivating innovative talents, and developing the original basic research and bottleneck technology research in the fields of underwater bubble dynamics and fluid solid coupling dynamics. I will always strive to achieve ‘Ocean Power Dream’”.