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4 HEU Teachers were Selected as“Heilongjiang Province Famous Teachers”in 2023

DATEMay 25, 2023

Recently, the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province announced the results of the 2023 Provincial Famous Teacher Award in Heilongjiang Province. Four teachers from Harbin Engineering University, including NI Baoyu from College of Shipbuilding Engineering, LIU Songzuo from College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering, SHI Dongyan from College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and TAN Sichao from College of Nuclear Science and Technology were selected.

NI Baoyu: Opening the Door to the Shipbuilding Industry for Students


NI Baoyu, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA), and National Talent, was nominated as a Young Scientist for a Strong Country in 2021. He was also Deputy Editor in Chief of JMSA, and Editorial Board Member of 5 other international journals. In terms of teaching, he has won awards such as the grand prize for National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award for Ship and Ocean Engineering. In scientific research, he has published more than 50 papers in the top journal of fluid mechanics, JFM, and other journals. He has been invited to give a conference report at the 10th and 11th National Ice Engineering Conferences and served as an onboard scientist navigating the Arctic channel. His research results were directly applied to the design of China polar commercial ships.

LIU Songzuo: Focusing on cultivating students' innovative thinking and manual dexterity


LIU Songzuo, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Deputy Director of the National Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Technology, and Vice President of Association of Young Science and Technology Workers. He has been engaged in basic research for years and has made outstanding contributions in underwater acoustic communication technology. He received the first prize of the National Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award for Ship and Ocean Engineering in the field of teaching. In terms of scientific research, he has won 8 provincial and ministerial level awards, including the First Prize for Science and Technology Progress in Heilongjiang Province, the First Prize for Science and Technology of  Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, and the First Prize for Marine Engineering Science and Technology Award.

SHI Dongyan: Exploring the New Paradigm of Teaching Reform in New Engineering

SHI Dongyan, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Director of the Education, Teaching and Development Center of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Vice Chairman of the Heilongjiang Innovative Method Application Society. He is mainly engaged in teaching and research on mechanical dynamics analysis and optimization of structures and equipment. He has made outstanding contributions in promoting the reform and construction of the new engineering curriculum in HEU.

TAN Sichao: "Nuclear Education" Talents with Deep and Solid Researches


TAN Sichao, a professor and doctoral supervisor, has long been engaged in research on the safety and adaptability of marine nuclear power systems, reactor core thermal safety, and special purpose small reactors. He has received 5 provincial-level science and technology awards and published 1 monograph on thermal-hydraulic research on marine conditions and participated in the compilation of 2 textbooks. He also published over 110 SCI papers, and 23 authorized invention patents.