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Celebrating Harbin Engineering University's 70th Anniversary with a Spectacular Theatrical Performance

DATESeptember 2, 2023

On the evening of September 1st, a spectacular theatrical performance commemorating the 70th anniversary of Harbin Engineering University unfolded with the theme "Ode to Seventy Years of Development, Chasing Light, and Sailing Away" at the military playground. This event was witnessed by teachers, students, alumni from around the world, various friends, and a substantial online audience, all coming together to extend their heartfelt wishes for the university's 70th anniversary.

The stage, featuring a prominent aircraft carrier design, dazzled in front of the audience, resembling a mighty vessel anchored on the military playground, ready to embark on a journey carrying the hopes and glory of the HEU community across the waves. The entire performance, structured around the theme "Ode to Seventy Years of Development, Chasing Light, and Sailing Away," was divided into three captivating chapters: "Setting Sail • Light of Ideals," "Sailing • Light of Self-Strengthening," and "Navigation • Light of Hope." These chapters, following the splendid 70-year journey of HEU, showcased the pursuit of ideals, self-improvement, and hope by the university, symbolized as a colossal ship.

The opening video ingeniously transported the live audience through a 70-year journey, starting with admission notices from different eras that transformed into 70th-anniversary invitation cards. These cards were held by HEU alumni spanning various generations, who transcended time and space to convene at the main venue of the anniversary celebration.















After nearly two hours of captivating performances, the grand finale arrived with the rendition of "Navigation." The entire cast graced the stage to bid a fond farewell to the audience. "Seventy Years of Development, Chasing Light, and Sailing Away" will remain etched in our memories, filled with hope and blessings, as we eagerly anticipate our next meeting, ready to join hands once again to celebrate HEU's journey of growth and dreams.