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President Xi Jinping Extends Holiday Greetings to HEU Teachers and Educators Across the Nation

DATESeptember 10, 2023

On the morning of September 7th, President Xi Jinping visited Harbin Engineering University to gain insights into HEU's development journey and its contributions to China's national defense science and technology endeavors. During his visit, he also assessed the exhibition showcasing teaching and research accomplishments.

President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of Harbin Engineering University upholding the esteemed tradition of the PLA Military Institute of Engineering. He emphasized the university's commitment to aligning with the needs of a strong nation and a robust military, with a primary focus on education, technology, and talent development. He encouraged HEU to make fresh contributions to the advancement of education, technology, and talent, thereby contributing to China's aspiration of becoming a formidable force in these domains.

President Xi envisioned that the younger generation, dedicated to revitalizing China, would play a pivotal role in achieving the Second Centenary Goal. He urged young individuals to cultivate a strong desire to serve their country through scientific and technological research, diligently pursue studies and research, boldly ascend the heights of science, and shine with youthful brilliance in advancing the nation's strength and the great cause of national rejuvenation.

President Xi Jinping also extended his warm wishes to all teachers at HEU and educators across the nation as Teacher's Day approached. His sincere blessings filled HEU's teachers with joy and inspiration.


On September 8th, HEU hosted a Teacher's Day Commendation Conference in the multifunctional hall of the Qihang Activity Center. The event celebrated the 39th Teacher's Day by recognizing outstanding groups and individuals who had achieved remarkable results in talent cultivation, education, teaching, and scientific research over the past year. 


GAO Yan, the Secretary of the HEU Party Committee, was in attendance. The conference commenced with the stirring notes of the national anthem.


Vice President YU Zhiwen presided over the event, with representatives from esteemed teachers, retired educators, and new instructors present. Additionally, key leaders from teaching and research units, functional departments, and directly affiliated units were in attendance, alongside student representatives. More than a hundred new teachers, including those from Qingdao Innovation and Development Base, Yantai Research Institute, and Nanhai Research Institute, participated in the online conference.

To express the hopes of teachers for their students and the students' gratitude to their teachers, the Professor's Choir, Haizhiyun Student Choir, and representatives from teaching and research units performed a song and dance titled "A Stage Without Flowers." 


Student representatives presented flowers to retired teachers, and GAO Yan personally congratulated new teachers and bestowed upon them the school emblem. In total, there were 117 retired teachers and 134 new teachers for the period from 2022 to 2023.