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President XI Jinping Visits Harbin Engineering University

DATESeptember 10, 2023

On the morning of September 7th, President Xi Jinping visited Harbin Engineering University to gain insights into HEU's development process and its contributions to China's national defense science and technology efforts. During his visit, he also toured the exhibition showcasing teaching and research accomplishments.

President Xi Jinping underscored the importance of Harbin Engineering University in upholding the esteemed tradition of the PLA Military Institute of Engineering. He stressed the university's responsibility to closely align with the needs of a strong nation and a powerful military. This involves a strong focus on education, technology, and talent development, all of which should contribute to building a robust nation in terms of education, technology, and human resources.

He expressed optimism that when the younger generation dedicates themselves to revitalizing China, they hold the key to achieving the Second Centenary Goal. President Xi urged young individuals, especially young men, to firmly establish their aspirations in serving the country through scientific and technological research. He encouraged them to work diligently in their studies and research, boldly scaling the heights of science, and letting their youthful brilliance shine as they contribute to the construction of a stronger nation and the grand cause of national rejuvenation.


President Xi Jinping also mentioned that Teacher's Day would be celebrated in a few days, and he extended his warm wishes for a happy holiday to all teachers at HEU. 

The Standing Committee of the HEU Party Committee promptly conveyed and absorbed the essence of President Xi Jinping's important speech. President Xi's visit to HEU for inspection elicited enthusiastic reactions from all the teachers and students at the university.