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57 Snow Sculptures Make Their Debut! The 16th International College Student Snow Sculpture Competition Comes to a Close.

DATEJanuary 12, 2024

On January 7th, the 16th International College Students Snow Sculpture Competition concluded. Following a three-day intense competition, the grand prize was awarded to the Khabarovsk Academy of Arts for their sculpture titled "World Page" and to HEU for their creation named "Fairy Tales." Additionally, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry's sculpture titled "Future Overture" and 10 other works received the first prize.

Hosted by Harbin Engineering University and organized by the Teaching Guidance Committee of the Industrial Design Major of the Ministry of Education, the competition revolved around the theme "Ice and Snow Technology, Leading the Future." A total of 57 teams from 7 countries and regions gathered at HEU, showcasing their passion for ice and snow.

The Grand Prize-winning work from HEU, "Fairy Tales," drew inspiration from the song "Childhood," bringing fairies and sparrows to life. The fairy, carved from ice and snow, stands in a world of ice and snow, radiating romantic colors.

Another Grand Prize-winning work, "World Page" by the Khabarovsk Academy of Art, used ice and snow as carriers to emphasize the importance of imagination through imagery such as books, dragons, and children.

The First Prize-winning work, "Future Overture" by the team from Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, centered on the theme of aerospace and focused on "technology and the future." It expressed their expectations and aspirations to venture deeper into the universe in the future.