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The Inaugural Seminar on Ice & Snow Technology and Art Takes Place at HEU

DATEJanuary 12, 2024

The inaugural 2024 Ice & Snow Technology and Art Seminar unfolded in the Qihang Academic Lecture Hall. Under the theme 'Ice and Snow Technology Leading the Future,' the conference aimed to facilitate the convergence of ice and snow art and technology, the linkage between technology and industry, and the mutual promotion of culture and industry. Its overarching goal was to bolster the development of the ice and snow industry. The event was a collaborative effort involving the Teaching Guidance Sub-Committee of the Industrial Design Major under the Ministry of Education, Heilongjiang Provincial Artists Association, Ship and Offshore Industry Design Sub-Committee of the China Industrial Design Association, Heilongjiang Ice and Snow Industry Association, and Harbin Ice and Snow Creative Design Industry Park, with our university serving as the host. Assistant President ZHAO Yuxin graced the conference with his presence.

Chairman JI Tie, leading the seminar, underscored the need for the development of ice and snow art to be rooted in values, promoting traditional Chinese culture while venturing into new domains. He emphasized the exploration of novel approaches, the integration of emerging technologies, and the creation of internationally acclaimed brands with robust guiding, dissemination, and influential capabilities. This, he asserted, would consistently contribute fresh insights and mobilize new energies for the local economy and the advancement of Chinese modern industries.

Expressing the university's welcome, ZHAO Yuxin acknowledged the participation of experts and scholars. He highlighted HEU's track record of organizing sixteen editions of the International University Student Snow Sculpture Competition and other ice and snow brand activities. Leveraging the design discipline's characteristics, the university has propelled innovation in ice and snow art, amassed substantial digital technology capabilities, established a cherished "second classroom" for students, and nurtured a dynamic ice and snow campus culture.