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Empowering Digital Transformation in Management Services at Harbin Engineering University through Electronic Signatures

DATEJanuary 31, 2024

This year, HEU has introduced the electronic honor certificate as part of its ongoing efforts to streamline services for both teachers and students. A key focus has been placed on constructing an electronic signature platform to facilitate an online, digital, and convenient workflow, ultimately advancing the digital transformation of academic administration.

Since its launch in 2022, the school's electronic signature platform, specifically the 'Chengxin Signature' platform, has become a reliable electronic credential platform alongside various other application platforms. It has not only integrated but also expanded the foundational capabilities of a 'one-stop' service, creating a comprehensive and interconnected information application framework.

Utilizing the dependable electronic credential platform, teachers and students across different campuses within the university can easily apply for and verify trustworthy electronic credentials online. The 'Chengxin Signature' platform enables users to obtain electronic signatures, allowing them to initiate and sign electronic documents related to work or studies at their convenience, from any location. This not only reduces the time spent on traditional offline signatures but also significantly enhances operational efficiency.

Electronic Honor Certificate

Electronic Contract Signing

Middleware Architecture for Electronic Signature Services