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ZHANG Xuanye Named 18th 'National College Student of the Year' Among Only 20 Nationwide!

DATEMay 14, 2024

Recently, the 18th "National College Student of the Year" was announced, with only 20 students selected nationwide. ZHANG Xuanye, a doctoral student from HEU's College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering, made the list.

Prior to this, ZHANG Xuanye was invited to represent China at the inaugural World Youth Development Forum. He has also achieved notable success in various innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. These include winning the "China International College Students’ Innovation Competition" (formerly known as the Internet+ Competition), the 13th "Challenge Cup" China College Students Entrepreneurship Plan Competition, and the national “ChuangQingchun” college entrepreneurship competition, earning three major grand prizes. Under his leadership, his team has also secured numerous other innovation and entrepreneurship awards. Additionally, he is the founder of the "Echo Technology" company, which has obtained multiple patent authorizations for its related technologies.

Award Ceremony of the 13th "Challenge Cup" China College Students Entrepreneurship Plan Competition

The Award Ceremony of the 7th national “chuangqingchun” college entrepreneurship competition National Gold Award

An interview on Harbin's 30 Policies for Talent Development.