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About 100 Teachers and Students Immersed in Experiencing the Fish Skin Craftsmanship of the Hezhe Ethnic Group

DATEMay 15, 2024

On May 7th, as part of the 10th HEU Chinese Traditional Culture Festival, the course team for "Introduction to the Chinese National Community" hosted a unique open class: the Experiencing Hezhe Fish Skin Painting Practice Class at the Sunshine Hall of Qihang Center.

Professor ZHANG Lin, a representative inheritor of Hezhe fish skin craftsmanship and a participant in the endangered intangible cultural heritage project of Heilongjiang Province, was invited to deliver an on-site lecture for this open class, accompanied by his team.

During the class, Professor ZHANG Lin discussed the developmental history of the Hezhe ethnic group and provided a detailed explanation of the intricate process involved in creating fish skin paintings. This process includes peeling, drying, softening, splicing, sewing, and artistic decoration. He also elaborated on various patterns such as painting, pasting, stitching, and embroidered wrapping.

Professor ZHANG Lin and student ZHAO Sihan from Qiuxin Academy showcased their fish skin paintings together

Display of finished fish skin paintings