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Over 400 Experts from 10+ Countries Gather to Collaborate on Advancing Ocean Acoustics Technology

DATEJune 5, 2024

On May 30, 2024, the 2024 IEEE/OES China Ocean Acoustics Conference commenced at the Qihang Activity Center's multipurpose hall. More than 400 academicians, experts, and scholars from over 10 countries, including China, Russia, the United States, Japan, and South Korea, convened for profound discussions and exchanges on ocean acoustics science and related research and engineering technologies. They presented the latest research findings in marine and underwater acoustics.

The conference was a collaborative effort by several institutions: the National Key Laboratory of Underwater Acoustic Science and Technology, Hanjiang Laboratory, National Key Laboratory of Sound Field and Information, Key Laboratory of Polar Ocean Acoustics and Technology Applications of the Ministry of Education, Key Laboratory of Marine Information Acquisition and Security of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Key Laboratory of Oceanic Information Technology of Heilongjiang Province.

Academician YANG Desen, Chairman of the China Ocean Acoustics International Conference, emphasized in his address that acoustics remains a timeless discipline, and the global experts' presence attests to its enduring relevance. He envisioned academic exchanges fostering new insights and achievements, promoting technological innovation, nurturing collaborations, and establishing enduring friendships.

Vice President YU Zhiwen underscored in his speech the collective aspiration among attending experts and scholars to cherish and protect the ocean, advocating for strengthened ocean cooperation. Embracing openness and collaboration aligns with the educational ethos of Harbin Engineering University. The conference, thus, served as a platform for diverse experts to showcase research results, facilitating fruitful discussions on oceanographic challenges, fostering potential collaborations, and advancing research and technology in ocean acoustics.

Professor Sulaiman, Technical Project Chairman of the China Ocean Acoustics International Conference and a faculty member at our university, shared his experiences as a foreign expert of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and a professor at Harbin Engineering University's College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering. Over the past five years, he has witnessed China's remarkable academic environment and innovation system development. Anticipating a forthcoming technological revolution amidst global innovation, he advocated for vigorous development of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence to effectively tackle future challenges and seize opportunities.