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President SONG Yingdong of HEU Attends the 2024 Northeast Six Universities Presidents Forum

DATEJune 5, 2024


On May 31, 2024, the Northeast Six Universities Presidents Forum convened at the Harbin Institute of Technology Museum Auditorium. President SONG Yingdong of HEU was among the attendees and delivered a comprehensive report.

In his address, SONG Yingdong outlined the university's commitment to aligning with national strategic objectives, particularly in establishing world-class talent centers and innovation hubs. HEU aims to strengthen its institutional foundation through talent acquisition, focusing on assembling strategic talent nationwide and cultivating a dynamic young talent pool. By leveraging scientific and technological expertise and fostering collaboration with sister universities in Northeast China, HEU seeks to significantly contribute to the region's revitalization. This initiative is poised to propel Chinese characteristic world-class universities into a new era of high-quality development.

Additionally, President ZHANG Xi of Jilin University, President JIA Zhenyuan of Dalian University of Technology, President FENG Xiating of Northeastern University, President XU Haiyang of Northeast Normal University, and President HAN Jiecai of Harbin Institute of Technology delivered their respective reports. Each emphasized the innovative development of talent teams within Northeastern universities, aligning with the directives of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Through comprehensive analysis of current challenges and tasks, sharing of best practices, and proposing future strategies, the six presidents collectively aimed to foster closer collaboration and practical exchanges. Their shared vision prioritizes high-quality development and strategic initiatives, ultimately contributing to the construction of a new development paradigm and the comprehensive revitalization of Northeast China.