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The first one in China!The research team from theCollege of Shipbuilding Engineering of Harbin Engineering University assisted the “Fuyao”in using wind at sea.

DATEDecember 21, 2022


Few days ago, the first far-reaching sea floating wind power platform “Fuyao” formally set sail, becoming a “sharp tool” in the far-reaching sea energy development field. This time, the deep sea engineering technology academic team of the College of Shipbuilding Engineering of HEU undertook the development of the integrated structural health monitoring system of the fan, helping the "Fuyao" to utilize the wind at sea.

In 2019, HEU undertook the development task of the first set of far-reaching structural health dynamic monitoring system for offshore floating fan platform in China. After 3 years, they successfully completed the data collection task of the first whole-process dynamic structural response of “Fuyao”.

According to Professor QU Xianqiang from the College of Shipbuilding Engineering, the monitoring system can obtain platform motion and mooring parameters, so as to adjust and control the blades and generator set to achieve the maximum power generation of the fan. It can also carry out real-time dynamic monitoring of the platform structure, and ensure the safe operation of the floating fan during the design life.

It is reported that the monitoring system is integrated by 10 subsystems including motion monitoring system, air gap monitoring system, and a corrosion monitoring system. The deep sea engineering technology academic team, together with the relevant teams from the College of Underwater Acoustics Engineering, the College of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering, the College of Information and Communication Engineering, made the domestic production rate of the system reach 100%, and realize real-time communication between dynamic signals and the unit main control system and shore-based equipment.