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Building a large test equipment that took ten years, HEU lets the marine ship fly in the sky.

DATEJanuary 2, 2023

YAO Xiongliang, a professor from the College of Shipbuilding Engineering of HEU, led the team that took years to develop and build an aircraft complex dynamics and control test system. The team overcame many challenges and the test system was officially put into use few days ago.

When the aircraft travels through water and air at high speeds, it will be affected in some way or another. Addressing this complex mechanical problem that involved multiple disciplines has always been an engineering problem in the cross-medium field. With the commissioning of this large experimental device, researchers will explore the physical laws of water-air travel step by step, and perhaps more unknown natural mysteries will be solved.

“Start!” As the researchers in the central control room issued the instructions to the central control system, the calm water in the experimental cabin set off violent waves. The underwater undercurrent surged, and the aircraft rushed out of the water at high speed. The entire episode was fully observed by the scientific researchers in the central control room.

The aircraft complex dynamics and control test system is led by HEU, with the participation of more than 10 units, and it took 10 years to build. “This project is the embodiment of the strength of the university’s marine and shipbuilding discipline and the theories of Professor Dai Yishan and others are all like a beacon of laboratory construction. Without these theories, our measurement of the motion and force of the aircraft would just be empty talk. It can be said that this experimental device is the crystallization of the wisdom of several generations of shipbuilding people. We have long been known as the cradle of talent training in the maritime sector, and now we can also fly in the sky,” YAO said.