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Guangming Daily: Professor Liu Long is committed to innovation to build a “Chinese heart” on Chinese ships.

DATEMarch 29, 2023

Speaker: Liu Long, professor of Harbin Engineering University, Director of Electric Control Technology Institute of Power Plant

On March 27, the 7th edition of Guangming Daily featured “Gathering Talents, Building Foundation and Lift up the Dream of Making China Powerful”, focusing on the dream of making China powerful by highly skilled talents and young scientific and technological talents. As one of the representatives, Professor Liu Long, director of the Institute of Electric Control Technology of Power Plant of HEU, told about the forging course of himself and the scientific research team to build a “Chinese heart” on Chinese ships.

If the electronic control system is the “brain” of the internal combustion engine, then the combustion process is the “heart”. In this independent research and development, He found that key parts could be reproduced by disassembling and backward pushing, but it was difficult to break through the core parameters of engine performance. After seven years of research on electric control technology, He went to Japan for a PhD. Starting from basic research, He explored combustion theory and technology further.

During years of scientific research and practice, they found that high-end manufacturing industry has an increasing demand for basic research, while the course system of marine internal combustion engine specialty rarely involves the basic principles of new combustion concepts. Therefore, they revised the training program to incorporate some basic courses into the training system, and integrate the new knowledge and principles gained from the research into the teaching. They also arrange graduate students to join the design and development team of the enterprise to carry out industry-university-research graduate training.

In the future, he will continue to devote himself to the research on the basic theory and regulation mechanism of the combustion of the new zero-carbon marine internal combustion engine.