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Professor WU Ruizhi from the School of Materials and Chemistry of HEU won the Annual Youth Award of the International Magnesium Science and Technology Award.

DATEApril 30, 2023

Recently, the 2022 International Magnesium Science and Technology Award Ceremony and Magnesium Materials International Summit Forum were held in Lanxi, Zhejiang. Professor WU Ruizhi from HEU's School of Materials and Chemistry was awarded the 2022 International Magnesium Science and Technology Award Youth Award that recognizes his outstanding contributions in the field of magnesium lithium alloys for aerospace.

WU Ruizhi spent 17 years researching the strength of metal structural materials, electromagnetic shielding performance, and damping performance by changing the material composition design, comprehensively utilizing various processing techniques, and introducing multi-scale interfaces. He achieved the integrated and collaborative improvement of structural functions such as the strength plasticity, electromagnetic shielding, and damping performance of magnesium lithium alloys. The performance of the developed magnesium lithium alloy has reached an international leading level, and the relevant technology and materials have been applied to aerospace components to achieve a weight reduction of 44.22%, breaking the control of advanced magnesium alloys in China by foreign countries and solving the key problem of lightweight material selection for major equipment.

WU Ruizhi was elected as a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences in 2022 and currently serves as the Executive Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of Ultra Light Materials and Surface Technology of the Ministry of Education. With the research background of the lightweight demand in the fields of national aviation and aerospace, WU Ruizhi has long been committed to the research of high-performance lightweight magnesium alloys and aluminum alloys. In recent years, he has won two first prize awards in provincial and ministerial level science and technology awards and the title of Heilongjiang Province Youth Science and Technology Award. In the past three years, he has presided over key projects funded by the Joint Fund of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, national key research and development plan projects (intergovernmental innovation cooperation special projects), and projects funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.