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The maiden voyage of "Dolphin 1," China's first digitally replicated intelligent test ship, independently developed by Harbin Engineering University, took place

DATEJuly 2, 2023

On June 30, the first digital twin intelligent scientific research test ship, "Dolphin 1," was delivered and embarked on its maiden voyage from Penglai Port in Yantai. This remarkable vessel has garnered attention from prominent media outlets such as Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News, Science and Technology Daily, and CNR News.

As "Dolphin 1" sets sail from Penglai to Qingdao, it will conduct a series of experiments that include verifying the performance of ship intelligent equipment, environmental perception, obstacle avoidance, route re-planning, and synchronous interaction between the digital twin system and the physical ship. This cutting-edge vessel marks several domestic firsts, including multi-source information fusion collaborative detection, intelligent perception and environmental reconstruction, and the creation of a digital twin for ships and marine environments. It establishes China's inaugural "maritime flow" laboratory for testing and verifying ship intelligence systems and equipment.

Professor Xia Guihua from Harbin Engineering University highlighted that the ship was independently developed by the scientific research team from the College of Intelligent Systems Science and Engineering. Collaborating with external industry units and on-campus colleges responsible for relevant ship research, they have significantly enhanced the intelligence level of the integrated ship system, encompassing overall ship functions, power, electric power, propulsion, navigation, control, and perception.