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DATEJune 12, 2022

Hello everyone! My name is Alina Steblyanskaya, I am a Russian native from Moscow,and now I work as an associate professor at the School of Economics and Management of Harbin Engineering University. I am at the Research Center for Green Technology Management and Technology Entrepreneurship. HEU brings me the fullness of life and happiness in interaction with teachers and students.Iwant to thank my colleagues from theHEU SEMfor their unlimited support, warmest love and help!

The desire for knowledge among HEU students is impressive. HEU students are brilliant! They are genuinely interested inworld scientific tendencies in various subjects. HEU provides fundamental knowledge, and constantly improves the skills of teachers. In three years of my work, I have already completed two advanced training courses for teachers. Experienced professors did their best to pass on the teaching experience to newcomers.

At HEU SEM, I mainly teach the "Business statistics" course for undergraduate students and the "Energy, Ecology and Economic Sustainable Development advanced topics" for master students. This year I had an unforgettable experience recording an educational course with my colleagues. I am proud to work with such extraordinary, enthusiastic, professional people.

I have been committed to researchin China and Russia’senergy cooperation, ecological economy, and carbon peak neutralization and participatedin more than five scientific research projects. With the support of HEU SEM and the International Affairs School my project was successful. We invited five senior Russian academicians and experts in the energy relations fields to conduct many prominent lectures for HEU students and specialists. The project was truly international, results-oriented, innovative and we all have warm memories of friendly interaction.

I was in HEU dormitary when coronavirus period started. And it was an unforgettable winter holiday, we stood together to face all kinds of difficulties and emotions, during which, we also have been surrounded by accompany and encouragement from teachers, students, family and colleagues. Extraordinariness comes from ordinariness, and heroes come from normal people. I appreciate all the efforts from HEU and International College to support us during the hard period. Meanwhile, I'd like to show my gratitude to all the work staff in International Student Dormitory. You have been showing your concern and care for international teachers and students this whole time. My heart always will be with you and i always will cherish the great moments of life in HEU dormitory!

University gives the opportunity to have active social life, thus, for these three years I have participated in many conferences, master-classes and international forums. For example, on August 10th this year, I participated in the opening ceremony of the 2022 World 5G Conference in Harbin, Heilongjiang. It was a fantastic opportunity to understand 5G technology trends and the importance of innovations in our lives.

HEU is the forever home to my heart and thoughts. HEU will always have a prominent place in my life. HEU has a rich tradition of interaction with foreign scientists. I'm grateful for this excellent opportunity to be invited here as a part of the scientific community! I dreamed of becoming a worthy heir of the HEU's previous great scientist. At HEU's 70th anniversary, I wish all teachers and students a healthy and happy life, best of luck and great success in teaching and studying!

Best regards,

Alina Steblyanskaya