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The Snow Accumulates Vitality and Sheds Light on HEU

DATEJanuary 16, 2023

                                           As if the vernal breeze had come back overnight,

                                           Adorning thousands of pear trees with blossoms white.

                                           At 11:46 on December 7

                                           Major Snow, a Chinese Solar Term is ushered.

                                           The curtain of the mid-winter is raised.

                                           Snowflakes whirl and drift as if in a dance.

                                           Ice and snow accumulating, the earth is covered with a blanket of snow.

                                           The agile figure of snowflakes flies in every corner of HEU,

                                           As beautiful as a fairy tale, as dreamy as a fairyland.

                                           A growing chill comes out of the wind.

                                           In this poetic solar term.

                                           Xiao Cheng invites you to enjoy the winter romance belonging to HEU.

                                          Glazed snow reflects images of the campus.

                                           When the snow falls, everything is hidden.

                                           HEU slowly unfolds the ink wash painting in winter.

                                           Tender is the whiteness.

                                          The north wind sweeps the ground and blows away the fallen leaves.

                                          Everything in the middle of heaven and earth has the same color as the sky.

                                          A pure, soft whiteness

                                          Covers in the eaves and lays on the ground.

                                          Under the white snow, HEU displays a beauty of serenity.

                                          “The flying snow dances with the wind in the courtyard.

                                           The red walls and white snow show a touch of spring.”

                                           The whole world is glazed, with red column and white snow.

                                           Quiet and remote, romantic and poetic.

                                           When HEU embraces snow, all the scenes on earth, however many, fade.

                                          Cold and warm air is intertwined and the campus is full of vitality.

                                          “The white snow, vexed by the late coming of spring's colours,

                                           Of set purpose darts among the courtyard's trees to fashion flying petals.”

                                           While the snow is falling,

                                           Sit and watch the green pine turn into tree of jade.

                                           The snow is cold and warm and the eaves are brick-red.

                                           Coldness and warmness are intertwined on campus.

                                           The little animals on campus

                                           Witness the rotation of the four seasons.

                                           Snow in winter and flowers in spring.

                                           They never seem to be lonely.

                                           From revealing new buds to falling from branches,

                                           The branches and leaves have been bathed in the sun joyfully.

                                           Covered with ice and snow,

                                           The green is also sprouting quietly.

                                           The winter of HEU is the vitality that strikes the heart.

                                           They wait for a spring in silence.

                                          Play with snow in fancy, and master winter.

                                           Whenever heavy snow falls,

                                           Ice and Snow DNA of HEUer

                                           Will be awakened in a moment.

                                           A snow football game on the playground is held,

                                           Dribbling and shooting in one go.

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