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Robot Master 2023 University League Kicks Off in HEU.

DATEApril 20, 2023

From April 14th to 16th, the 22nd Robotac Robot Master 2023 University League (Heilongjiang) opened in the gymnasium in HEU, with nearly 300 outstanding student representatives from 16 universities across the country participating. After fierce competition, Northeast Forestry University, Harbin Engineering University, and Dalian University of Technology won the championship, runner-up, and third place in the 3V3 competition of Heilongjiang Station.

Robot Master is a robot competition and academic exchange platform specifically designed for global technology enthusiasts. Competitive robots with different functions perform their respective duties on the field, attacking enemy robots and bases remotely controlled by players. The competition is highly ornamental and technical and has greatly attracted the attention of technology enthusiasts.

HEU has sent two teams to participate in the competition, The instructor, Associate Professor ZHANG Lanyong from College of Intelligent Systems Science and Engineering stated: “The rules of the competition change every year, and the team needs to adjust to new problems every year. This is in line with our college philosophy of 'solving practical and complex application problems'. The competition focuses on examining the comprehensive application and engineering practice abilities of the participating team members in the field of science and engineering. The competition also integrates many robot-related technical disciplines such as machine vision, artificial intelligence, control science, inertial navigation, human-machine interaction, and improves the comprehensive ability of participating students.


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