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Passionate Performance of the National Symphony Concert for the 70th Anniversary of Harbin Engineering University

DATESeptember 2, 2023

On the evening of August 31, 2023, a magnificent National Symphony Concert celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Harbin Engineering University's establishment took place at the Qihang Theater, Harbin Engineering University. This outstanding performance was a collaborative effort between the Folk Orchestra of Harbin Opera House and the HEU College Students National Orchestra, captivating an audience of a thousand spectators.



The concert, under the direction of SUN Nanhang, a first-class conductor presently teaching at HEU's National Base of College Student Cultural Quality Education, commenced with "The Prelude to the Celebration," composed by ZHAO Jiping. This lively composition is distinguished by its vibrant and melodious character, featuring dynamic and rapid sequences, accompanied by the resounding tones of suona, gongs, and drums. This prelude marked the commencement of the National Symphony Concert.







Those in attendance at the venue remarked that the entire concert seamlessly blended folk music performances, singing, and various artistic expressions, creating a vibrant ambiance rooted in folk music traditions. The live audience deeply appreciated the harmonious fusion of silk and bamboo instruments with orchestral music, offering them a profound cultural experience and a glimpse of the cultural heritage and charm woven into the melodies.