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Ruxu Book House in HEU opens

DATEDecember 11, 2023

On November 29th, Ruxu Book House officially opened its doors to all teachers and students of HEU, offering a warm literary gift in the winter—a nurturing presence for the 70-year-old Harbin Engineering University. This literary haven is dedicated to sharing the glory and wisdom of the university with hardworking students and diligent faculty.

Guided by the principles of openness, inclusiveness, and sharing, the university has established a multifunctional open student community. Here, students can explore life, broaden their perspectives, immerse themselves in reading, enhance their lives, and foster personal growth.



Situated on the first floor of the library's night reading area, Ruxu Book House is a collaborative effort between the library and Harbin Engineering University Press. It encompasses five distinct areas: a free reading zone, a themed reading section, a beverage and dessert service area, a book display space, and a cultural and creative product exhibition zone.





The four themed reading areas—Chunshen, Jueqian, Zaichen, and Zizhi—provide students and teachers with unique and serene spaces. Infused with a cozy and tranquil atmosphere in every corner, Ruxu Book House serves as a space for readers to recharge their energy and nourish their souls.


Built upon the characteristics of Harbin Engineering University, Ruxu Book House aims to stimulate students' scientific spirit and innovative consciousness. It features exclusive exhibition areas for over 10 university publishers.



Whether selecting books or exploring creative displays, the focus is on showcasing humanistic qualities. For those feeling hungry or weary from reading, the option to order a freshly brewed coffee or indulge in a delicate dessert or afternoon tea is available, providing pleasure for both the mind and taste buds.


This refined and thoughtful environment has even attracted the attention of the "Let's Read Together" reading promotion program by Heilongjiang Radio and Television Station, which chose Ruxu Book House as an outdoor shooting location for the show.