Academic Anniversary | New Trends in Contemporary Russian Social Thought

DATEJune 7, 2023

Reported by: Professor GUO Lishuang

Report Title: New Trends in Contemporary Russian Social Thought

Report time: 8:30 AM, June 9, 2023

Place of report: Room 311, Main Building

Brief introduction of the reporter: Professor GUO Lishuang holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and is a professor in the School of Marxism at Fudan University. Her main research areas include Russian political philosophy, Russian Marxist philosophy. In recent years, she has shifted her focus to the study of social values and social thought in Russia.

In terms of content, she highlights various social thoughts that have emerged in Russian society after the collapse of the Soviet Union, including New Marxism, New Eurasianism, New Liberalism, and New Conservatism. These phenomena are not only hotly debated topics in the contemporary Russian philosophical community, but also theoretical fields that cultural sociologists and Western social theorists should pay attention to.