IT & Campus Card Services

IT Services

Each international student bedroom has a broadband Internet interface. The access rate of campus resources can reach 1000M/s, and the Internet access rate can reach 100M/s.

To open broadband service, please go to the service window of Room 108 of Qihang Center with your passport and campus card to open an account. The first payment is 60 yuan/month, the second and subsequent payment is 40 yuan/month. According to the flow chart of the account opening window, install “Ruijie” software, enter the IP address, then users can access the Internet.

Network Center Tel: 0451-82518222

Campus Card Service

After logging in to the campus card network service platform, users can add the linking of campus card and bank card themselves. After linking, users can recharge the campus card by circle deposit and transfer on the multimedia machine without going to the comprehensive service hall for processing. Users can also query the latest trends of the campus card system, business processes, rules and regulations, service outlets, and use guidelines through the service platform.

Campus card network service platform user login name is student number/ job number, the password is the same as the campus card password. Teachers and students are welcome to log on campus card online self-service.

Campus network service platform address: