College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering

College of Aerospace and Civil Engineering was founded in 1958 and has become an important base for scientific research and talent training in the fields of aerospace, civil engineering, and marine engineering in China. The discipline of mechanics has entered the top 30% in the 4th round of discipline evaluation in China.

The college has 114 full-time teachers and 30 doctoral supervisors. In the past five years, the scientific research funds of the College has steadily grown, with 180 million yuan of funds received. The college has published more than 600 papers (including 417 SCI papers), won more than 60 NSFC projects, 2 NSFC key projects, 2 international cooperation funds, and 10 scientific research awards.

The college has close cooperation and exchanges with more than 10 international universities in Britain, Japan, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Germany, among others. The joint education project of the college and the Civil Engineering Specialty of University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom has been running steadily.

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs

    Engineering Mechanics

    Civil Engineering

    Aircraft Design and Engineering

    Aircraft Power Engineering

  • Master’s Degree Programs


    Civil Engineering

    Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology

    Civil Engineering and Water Conservancy(Professional Degree)

    Machine(Professional Degree)

  • Doctoral Degree Programs


  • PostDoctoral Research Field


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