Physical Education Department

The former Sports Military Training Department of Sports Department was established in 1987 and renamed as the Department of Sports in 2011. It mainly undertakes physical education, group competition, college students' physique test, postgraduate training, sports team training and sports research.

Sports Department has 42 full-time teachers, 5 professors and 18 associate professors. There are two laboratories for human science and sports psychology.

In recent years, teachers have participated in more than 100 international and domestic academic exchanges such as Olympic Science Congress, Asian Games Sports Science Congress, Universiade Sports Science Congress, and the National Sports Science Congress. The teachers have published more than 300 papers, more than 50 monographs and textbooks, 7 audio-visual textbooks, and more than 90 research projects in academic journals at all levels.

  • Master’s Degree Programs

    Physical Education and Training

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