School of Foreign Studies

School of Foreign Studies can be traced back to the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Section of the Basic Department, which was established in 1953. The college not only carries out the talent training of English major undergraduates and postgraduates, but also undertakes the teaching task of public foreign languages (including English, Russian, Japanese, German and French) for undergraduates, masters and doctoral students.

The college has 107 full-time teachers, 52 teachers with senior professional titles, 4 guest professors, 6 part-time professors and 6 foreign teachers. There are 202 undergraduate students and 118 graduate students.

The college has actively carried out international exchanges and cooperation, and has established talent training and exchange relations with many well-known universities abroad. In recent years, many students have gone to the University of California San Diego, the University of Wisconsin Madison, the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Dankook University, Chungbuk National Universityand University of Malaya in Malaysia for intercollegiate exchanges.

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs


  • Master’s Degree Programs

    Foreign Languages and Literatures

    English Translation(Professional Degree)

Contact : AN Peiwang