Southampton Ocean Engineering Joint Institute

The Joint Institute at Harbin Engineering University was founded in May 2020. The institute is the first Sino British cooperativeeducation institutions with marine characteristics approved by the Ministry of Education of China.

The Joint Institute carries out undergraduate education and adopts the "4+0" training mode, in addition, itawards dual student status in China and Britain. Through international courses, small class training, full English teaching, seminar teaching, formative assessment, and full quality control, students can obtain the undergraduate diploma, bachelor's degree certificate of Harbin Engineering University and that of University of Southampton.

The Joint Institute is an alliance between Harbin Engineering University and the University of Southampton in the field of marine equipment and science and technology. The two parties learn from each other's advanced education concepts, create a first-class faculty, innovate the talent training mode and management mechanism. Both two sides are to open a new chapter in education and science and technology cooperation between Chinese and British universities in the marine field under the comprehensive strategic partnership of "Smart Ocean".

  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs

    Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering



    UnderwaterAcoustics Engineering

Contact : Ren Xiaoxiao